Copy of Founder's Story (Backup)

In 2019, I was diagnosed with bipolar and once treatment was started the barriers that I had, in every area of my life, began to fall away and I was able to think clearly, see the things I wanted and move towards them. Adjusting to my new treatment plan wasn’t easy, for a period of time I felt lost in the forest and all of a sudden I found my way out and the path is clear.
My treatment included daily health habits to reset my mind like exercise (my brain shake), enjoying nature, creating healthy routines like journaling and connecting with and opening up to friends and family about how I feel. My diagnosis and treatment has not been life ending, for me it has been life beginning.
I created Arthur Bane Apparel to help drive awareness of the simple fact that mental health is health and allow people to see diagnosis as a new start and to motivate everyone to take care of their mind.